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On a Scroll

"The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is the greatest literary and archeological discovery of our time." Professor Randall Price, Liberty University, USA Three bright young colleagues are asked to come up with an office activity. One of them hijacks the conversation and they end up talking about the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Turns out to be a good idea.

The Trilogy

Jesus: Dead and Buried?

‘At last a portrayal of the ‘gospel’ with its Old Testament roots and New Testament cultural context.; the Cross as the divine answer to both human “guilt” and “shame”’. Steve Bell, Interserve in Great Britain & Ireland The historical and medical evidence for the death of Jesus on a cross 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. And why this death was and is significant. Awards Best Documentary, Christian Online Film Festival, April 2018 Award winner, Christian Film Festival, Newport, US, April 2018

Jesus: Son of God?

“A superbly informative and well-crafted documentary that deftly cuts through prevailing confusion about the earliest Christian beliefs and claims. Scholarly but not over people’s heads. Highly recommended.” -Mark Meynell, Associate Director, Europe, Langham Partnership Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. But where did a group of first century Jews, whose religion taught them that God is one, get that idea from? And what does ‘Son of God’ mean? Awards Best Adult Education Film, International Christian Film Festival, Irvine, CA, USA, October 2015 Best Film, Short Documentary Category, Pan Pacific Film Festival, Fullerton, CA, USA, August 2015

The Jesus Accounts

“We have manuscripts of a good type of substantial material from every century. It is one of the great things that separates the New Testament from anything else. Evidence down from the centuries.” Dr. Peter Head, Oxford University Have the stories of Jesus been rewritten, distorted by Christians writing years after the events they describe? Or are the stories we read in the Bible today the original writings? The Jesus Accounts examines the earliest manuscripts we have in our museums and libraries and asks the question: how reliable are the New Testament gospel accounts of the life of Jesus? Awards Gold Award Winner, Best Teaching Programme, Christian Broadcasting Council,    London, May 2011 Winner Best Documentary, Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival, Atlanta, USA, October 2010 Winner, Redemptive Storyteller Award (Distinctly Gospel), Virginia, USA, November 2010