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I have been writing professionally since 2005 when I embarked on my first biography - Point Me to the Skies However, my first real success goes back to 1988 when I won a play writing competition for a local radio station and it began to dawn on me that  I could write something worthwhile.  Since then I have written and contributed to a number of books as author, contributor, editor, ghostwriter and researcher. In 1988 I wrote the script for a feature film, Bedel, set and filmed in Turkey. More recently I have completed a trilogy of TV documentaries -The Jesus Accounts (2010), Jesus: Son of God? (2014), and Jesus: Dead and Buried? (2018). All of these have won awards in their categories at Christian film festivals in the UK and USA. On a Scroll (2024) on the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls is my latest production. Oh, and every now and then I write murder mystery evenings for a local charity. Actually, if the truth be told, it all began with a dream, but that’s another story...

Ronald Clements, writer and researcher

Conflict and war

darkened my childhood. The son of missionary parents, I was raised within reach of bandits who were the scourge of the local peasants. Boyhood was spent beneath the shadow of Japan’s belligerent occupation of China. Aged fourteen, I became a civilian prisoner of war under the scrutiny of Japanese guards. Four years later I escaped this orbit of aggression and went to Australia. And there I understood that my life would complete a circle. I must proclaim reconciliation for the Japanese; reconciliation with God, reconciliation with the world they had devastated so cruelly. Taken from In Japan the Crickets Cry the story of Steve Metcalf

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