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The Girl in the Drawer

‘Imagine an eight-year-old little girl in pigtails and second-hand clothes, standing on the doorstep of a house at the very edge of a village called Norton, on the outskirts of Stourbridge, just outside Birmingham… feeling all alone.’ Dee Larcombe was just a few months old when she and her mother were interned by the Japanese in Hong Kong in 1942. As a child she and her sister were put into care due to the ill health of her mother. Dee found a home at one of the ‘George Muller Orphan Homes’ and here she became a Christian. The Girl in the Drawer tells Dee’s story, from these early tragic events to her work as a missionary in India and her eventual reconciliation with her Japanese captors. ‘Dee’s compelling story encourages and challenges us as we learn how she has ovecome dire circumstances.’ Keiko Holmes, O.B.E., founder of Agape World

Lives from a Black Tin Box

‘Last night God sent us more food & a man to carry us some water . . . they say some of the villagers are plotting to betray us, or to prevent food reaching us to starve us to death. Rumours come this afternoon of Boxers coming up from Taiyuan to hunt us to death. We are still in God’s hands.’ The moving story of Herbert and Elizabeth Dixon, BMS missionaries, brutally murdered in the Chinese Boxer Rebellion in 1900 - a journey from South Wales to London, from Congo to North China, as told by their great-granddaughter, Prudence Bell. ‘What a story! Jennifer Rees Larcombe, Beauty from Ashes Healing Ministry

In Japan the Crickets Cry

‘Our final destination had all the demeanour of an archetypal prison; institutionalized brick buildings standing out above six-foot high walls, guarded by electric fences. Japanese soldiers poked machine guns in our direction from stubby circular turrets, which squatted beneath wooden Chinese coolie-hat roofs.’ As a teenager Steve Metcalf was separated from his family for four years, held in Japanese internment camp in North China.  One of the internees, Olympic runner Eric Liddell, challenged him to pray for his captors - a challenge that changed the direction of his life. ‘Reading Steve’s biography has been challenging and enjoyable, and will strike a strong note in the hearts of young people today who want to make a difference for God with their lives.’ Dan Bacon, OMF International

Point me to the Skies

'The story of the ambush had shaken them. "They are going to force you out. But you won't make it... They will shoot you on the mountain pass.' In 1951, Joan Wales, a young China Inland Mission worker, was forced to leave China, the land God had called her to. Thirty seven years later she returned to find that the few months she spent amongst the Nosu of South Sichuan Province had not been wasted. ‘A remarkable story of God’s faithfulness’ Womanalive

More Books


Even to Death - The Life and Legacy of Samuel Dyer

by Irene Chang and James Hudson Taylor III

Samuel Dyer, with his wife Maria, worked as two of the first Protestant missionaries amongst the overseas Chinese of Malaysia and Singapore.  Dyer’s painstaking research and experimentation in the printing of the Bible in Chinese pioneered the mass production of Bibles and tracts in Asia after his death. Available in Chinese only


New Life: Reflections for Lent

This devotional takes you through the forty days of Lent and up to Easter. Each article is written by a member of The Association of Christian Writers, in a diverse range of styles and approaches to the daily Bible reading. My contribution is the reading for Easter Saturday.

Merry Christmas Everyone

The follow-up to The Association of Christian Writers’ Lent book, New Life: an anthology for Advent and Christmas. My contribution is entitled Unto Us a Son is Born, a reflection on an imagined conversation between Abraham and Mary.


Fish and Chips 26 drama sketches as performed by Oddments Theatre Company, plus activities for actors. Selling Snails in Istanbul Reflections of a Christian living in Turkey. Winged Feet The lives of Maggie and Archie Watters, church planters and educators in India, USA and Zimbabwe. My Double Scoop Ice Cream ‘Can you imagine sharing tea with a magician?  If you do, he will tell you about delicious double scoops of ice cream, hun-bill-bluppers, and little people living in you! Through these stories he introduces human genetics, explores Down Syndrome, and celebrates individuality. Devotions: Journey into God 150 daily devotions, taking a refreshing approach to living as a Christian in the modern world.