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RonaldClements Writer and Researcher


I started writing professionally in 2005.  Two years later Joan Wales’ biography, Point me to the

Skies, was published. Since then I have written three more biographies, In Japan the Crickets Cry,

Lives from a Black Tin Box, and The Girl in the Drawer. More recently, I have been writing novels for

children and young teens. I wrote my first film script in 1988 for Bedel (Ransom), filmed in Turkey

and since dubbed into a dozen or more languages. The Jesus Accounts, an award winning 30

minute documentary on the reliability of the NT gospels, was released and broadcast in 2010

and has been dubbed into more than twenty languages for audiences in Europe, the Middle East

and Asia. I have since completed a second and third TV documentary: Jesus, Son of God?, and

Jesus: Dead and Buried?, plus a short film on the Dead Sea Scrolls (2024). I have been involved in

a number of publications as contributor, editor, ghostwriter and researcher, as well as

producing Christian resources for churches, and writing and performing murder mystery plays

for a local charity. Prior to taking up writing as a career, I lived with my wife and daughters in

Fujian Province, China, for ten years, where I lectured in Civil Engineering at a Chinese University. 

Goosewing Productions

                         Goosewing Productions is the publishing name I use for independent publications

and other projects.

My Youtube channel: Goosewing Productions

Current Projects

Timequake 3  Writer


2024 On a Scroll   Scriptwriter and Editor, video A Wanted Man   Novel: Book Two in the TimeQuake Trilogy 2022 A King in Peril   Novel: Book One in the TimeQuake Trilogy Wanting to Write   Online resource, Spurgeon’s College, London Selling Snails in Istanbul   Editor Devotions: Journeys into God   Editor Luke and Learn   Article: Christian Writer; Autumn magazine My Double Scoop Ice Cream   Editor 2021 Wanting to Write?  Help guide for writers  2020 The Girl in the Drawer   Biography of Dee Larcombe, missionary to India 2018 Merry Christmas Everyone: Anthology   Contributor Why not Believe?   Ghostwriter; collaboration with Roger Malstead Jesus: Dead and Buried?   Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary Point me to the Skies: updated edition   Biography of Joan Wales, missionary to China and Thailand New Life: Reflections for Lent  Contributor 2017 Who Do You Think You are?   Christmas Play, WKBC When Jack Fell Down,,,   Murder Mystery Fish and Chips   Editor 2016 Here’s Hoping   Christmas Play, WKBC Church Training Initiative:  Building Projects   Online resource, Spurgeon’s College, London 2015 Unto Us a Son is Born   Christmas Play, WKBC Hawl’s Well That Ends in Murder  Murder Mystery 2014 What’s in a Name?   Christmas Play, WKBC Jesus, Son of God?   Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary Lives from a Black Tin Box   Biography of Herbert and Elizabeth Dixon, missionaries to China Winged Feet   Autobiography of Archie and Margaret Watters, Editor Becoming Like Jesus: A Lent Study Guide   Online resource, Langham Partnership UKI 2013 Job and his Wife at Christmas   Christmas Play, WKBC The Grave Peril of the Pilkington Garden Gnomes   Murder Mystery Captive Audience - for real   Promotional video, Langham Partnership 2012 Clearing the Clutter of Christmas   Christmas Play, WKBC 9-a-day   Promotional videos, Langham Partnership Church Training Initiative:  Missionary Support   Online resource, Spurgeon’s College, London 2011 Out of Touch   Christmas Play, WKBC An Horrendously Horrible Happening in Austria   Murder Mystery 2010 Something Old, Something New & Wait and See   Christmas Plays, WKBC In Japan the Crickets Cry   Biography of Stephen Metcalf, missionary to Japan The Jesus Accounts   Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary 2009 Christmas at Risk   Christmas Play, WKBC Even to Death: The Life and Legacy of Samuel Dyer   Researcher The Strange Delving of Shrapnel’s Ditch   Murder Mystery Holding On and Letting Go   Contributor 2008 Stable Conversion   Christmas Play, WKBC 2007 It All Started with a Mouse   Christmas Play, WKBC Point me to the Skies   Biography of Joan Wales, missionary to China and Thailand The Tantalizing Case of Dracula’s Tooth   Murder Mystery 2006 Blind Man’s Buff & Voices, Voices   Christmas Plays, WKBC The Dazzling Case of the Missing Elephant of Mumbai   Murder Mystery 2005 Kedar’s Cross    Scriptwriter An Adventure Begins   Contributor 1998 Hugh Donit’s Retirement Party   Murder Mystery 1988 Bedel - Ransom   Scriptwriter A Play for Radio   Winner Radio Kent play writing competition