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I started writing professionally in 2005.  Two years later Joan Wales’ biography, Point me to the skies, was published.  Since then I have written two more biographies, In Japan the Crickets Cry and Lives from a Black Tin Box.  I wrote my first film script in 1988 for Bedel (Ransom), filmed in Turkey and since dubbed into a dozen or more languages.  More recently, The Jesus Accounts, a 30 minute documentary on the reliability of the NT gospels, was released and broadcast in 2010 and has been dubbed into more than eighteen languages for audiences in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I have completed another documentary, Jesus, Son of God?, and I am working on a third, Jesus: Dead and Buried?.

Prior to taking up writing as a career, I lived with my wife and daughters in Fujian Province, China, for ten years, where I lectured in Civil Engineering at a Chinese University. 

Current projects

“Jesus: Dead and Buried?” (working title)

    Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary

“When Jack Fell Down,,,”

    Another Noah Mystem Murder Mystery

“Why not believe?” (working title)

    Ghostwriter, apologetic booklet


Published work

“Fish and Chips”

    Editor, Bookprint Creative, 2017

‘Here’s Hoping’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2016

‘Church Training Initiative:  Building Projects’

    Spurgeon’s College Online Course, Spurgeon’s College, London, 2016 - look online

‘Unto Us a Son is Born’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2015

‘Hawl’s Well That Ends in Murder’

    A Noah Mystem Murder Mystery, June 2015

‘What’s in a Name?’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2014

‘Jesus, Son of God?’

    Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary, November 2014 - look online

‘Lives from a Black Tin Box’

    Biography of Herbert and Elizabeth Dixon, martyred 1900, BMS missionaries to China, September 2014 - look online

Winged Feet’

    Autobiography of Archie and Margaret Watters, Editor, e-book, 2014 - look online

‘Becoming Like Jesus: A Lent Study Guide’

    Writer, Seven week Bible study online resource, Langham Partnership, 2014 - look online

‘Job and his Wife at Christmas’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2013

‘The Grave Peril of the Pilkington Garden Gnomes’

    Another Noah Mystam Murder Mystery, 2013

‘Captive Audience - for real’

‘Clearing the Clutter of Christmas’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2012


‘Church Training Initiative:  Missionary Support’

    Spurgeon’s College Online Course, Spurgeon’s College, London, 2012 - look online

‘Out of Touch’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2011

‘An Horrendously Horrible Happening in Austria’

    A Noah Mystam Murder Mystery, 2011

‘Something Old, Something New’ and  ‘Wait and See’

    Christmas Plays, WKBC, 2010

‘In Japan the Crickets Cry”

    Biography of Stephen Metcalf, missionary to Japan,  Monarch, August 2010 - look online

‘The Jesus Accounts’

    Director and Scriptwriter, TV documentary, October 2010 - look online

‘Christmas at Risk’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2009

Even to Death: The Life and Legacy of Samuel Dyer

    Research into lives of Samuel and Maria Dyer and London Missionary Society mission to Malaya and Singapore, 1827-1844, in collaboration with James Hudson Taylor III and Irene Chang.  Chinese edition published 2009

‘The Strange Delving of Shrapnel’s Ditch’

    A Noah Mystam Murder Mystery, 2009

‘Holding On and Letting Go’

    Edited by Christine Leonard, SPCK, 2009 (contributed article) - look online

‘Stable Conversion’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2008

‘It All Started with a Mouse’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2007

‘Point me to the skies – the amazing story of Joan Wales’

    Biography of Joan Wales, missionary to China and Thailand, Monarch, 2007 - look online

‘The Tantalizing Case of Dracula’s Tooth’

    A Noah Mystam Murder Mystery, 2007

‘Blind Man’s Buff’ and ‘Voices, Voices’

    Christmas Play, WKBC, 2006

‘The Dazzling Case of the Missing Elephant of Mumbai’

    A Noah Mystam Murder Mystery, 2006

‘Kedar’s Cross’ – working title

    Scriptwriter, commissioned 2005

‘An Adventure Begins’

    Christian Focus Publications, 1999 (contributed final chapter) - look online

‘Hugh Donit’s Retirement Party’

    A Hugh Donit Murder Mystery, 1998

’Bedel - Ransom’

    Scriptwriter, film released 1992

‘A Play for Radio’

    Winner Radio Kent play writing competition, broadcast September 1988




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